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Experimental evaluation of Refill friction Stir spot Welds (RFSSW) as crack arrest features in co-consolidated thermoplastic laminates


In the present study, an experimental campaign was held in order to evaluate the crack stopping capability of Refill Friction Stir Spot Welds (RFSSW) on co-consolidated thermoplastic composite specimens. The specimens were manufactured in a crack lap shear configuration by using a low melt polyaryletherketone matrix reinforced by T700 carbon fibers. Initially, specimens without the crack arrest features were examined as a baseline, followed by the experimental series containing the features. Both quasi-static and fatigue loading conditions were applied, while the propagation of the interlaminar damage was monitored via C-Scanning and optical measurements. The results reveal the ability of the RFSSW to significantly retard the crack propagation in fatigue, however in quasi-static conditions that was not the case, as the load bearing capability of the joint was only slightly improved.
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