Corrosion Simulations for Automotive Applications : Korrosionssimulationen für automobile Anwendungen


Digitisation is making huge progress, and it is not stopping at automotive corrosion either. Within the entire automotive material life cycle, computer-aided approaches can already assist corrosion engineering and management today. From constructive corrosion protection on galvanically active hybrid constructions to the virtual design of active or passive corrosion protection systems, everything is possible. We are already very close to the goal of a continuous and realisable digital corrosion twin, but the complete integration into existing value chains is far from complete. This article provides an insight into current research and development and discusses the bottlenecks that still exist. The role of data or data collection and the smart combination of data- and physics-based modelling approaches are discussed. The possibilities and scope of applications of artificial intelligence methods for automotive corrosion topics are addressed. Concrete application scenarios are outlined by using examples, and the next work steps are derived.
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