Oxide coatings with immobilized Ce-ZSM5 as visible light photocatalysts


The preparation and properties of oxide coatings with immobilized ZSM-5 zeolite obtained by plasma electrolytic oxidation on aluminum support were investigated and discussed. Pure and Ce-exchanged ZSM-5 were immo-bilized on aluminum supports from a silicate-based electrolyte under ultra-low duty cycle pulsed direct current conditions. The obtained composite coatings were characterized with respect to their morphology, phase and chemical com-position, as well as photocatalytic activity and anti-corrosion properties. All mentioned properties of the obtained coatings were dependent on the processing time. The coatings with Ce-exchanged ZSM-5 showed higher photocatalytic activity and more effective corrosion protection than those with pure ZSM-5. The highest photocatalytic activity was observed for coatings processed for 30 min. It is suggested that the surface morphology, Ce-content and number of defects influenced the photocatalytic activity of the composite coatings.
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