Formation and structure of ZIF-8@PEO coating on the surface of zinc


Recently, plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO) found broad application as a multi-purpose process to create effective corrosion and wear resistant coatings on various metallic substrates. The exceptional properties of metal organic frameworks (MOFs) put them also in focus as perspective materials for corrosion protection. In this work, the formation of a novel ZIF-8@PEO coating is reported for the first time. It was synthesized by controllable recrystallization of a PEO layer formed on zinc alloy Z1 into ZIF-8 in the presence of 2-methylimidazole organic linkers. The multi-stage mechanism of PEO to ZIF-8 rearrangement is proposed. Cross section, glow discharge optical emission spectroscopy and nano-focused synchrotron X-ray diffraction demonstrated that varying of synthesis parameters, the ZIF-8@PEO coating with different distribution of ZIF-8 through PEO layer can be prepared. Based on the results of laser scanning microscopy, the surface smoothing was observed with increasing the degree of the PEO-to-ZIF-8 rearrangement. Containing two components, the novel ZIF-8@PEO coating is expected to combine admirable physical-chemical properties of both PEO and ZIF-8. Such a feature can open the way for its potential application not only for corrosion protection, but also for photo- and heterogeneous catalysis.
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