Remarkable Infrared Nonlinear Optical, Dielectric, and Strong Diamagnetic Characteristics of Semiconducting K3[BiS3]


The ternary sulfido bismuthate K3[BiS3] is synthesized in quantitative yields. The material exhibits nonlinear optical properties with strong second harmonic generation properties at arbitrary wavelengths in the infrared spectral range and a notable laser-induced damage threshold of 5.22 GW cm–2 for pulsed laser radiation at a wavelength of 1040 nm, a pulse duration of 180 fs, and a repetition rate of 12.5 kHz. K3[BiS3] indicates semiconductivity with a direct optical band gap of 2.51 eV. Dielectric and impedance characterizations demonstrate κ values in the range of 6–13 at 1 kHz and a high electrical resistivity. A strong diamagnetic behavior with a susceptibility of −2.73 × 10–4 m3 kg–1 at room temperature is observed. These results suggest it is a promising nonlinear optical candidate for the infrared region. The synergic physical characteristics of K3[BiS3] provide insight into the correlation of optical, electrical, and magnetic properties.
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