Property Variation of Extruded Mg-Gd Alloys by Mn Addition and Processing


This paper presents how the mechanical properties, the microstructure and the degradation rate of extruded Mn-containing Mg-Gd alloys can be modified during extrusion. Gd as a rare earth element is particularly interesting due to the influence on the texture development in Mg, and is therefore studied as a base alloy system. The contents of Gd were investigated between 2 to 9 wt.%, with Mn additions of 0.5 and 1.0 wt.%. The grain sizes and the corresponding textures were modified by varying the extrusion parameters and the alloy content. It was shown that modification with Mn can lead to further grain refinement, an increase in the degree of recrystallization, as well as a decrease in the degradation rate in the biological medium compared with the binary Mg-Gd system from previous studies. The results suggest that the resulting properties are more robust compared with the binary alloy.
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