CORDATA: an open data management web application to select corrosion inhibitors


The ban of one of industry’s main solutions against corrosion, i.e. compounds based on hexavalent chromium1, has recently started in Europe due to health and environmental issues, resulting in a need to find effective replacements2. The large and growing amounts of reported corrosion inhibition efficiencies existing in literature and obtained over the years as a result of this event is expected to keep increasing in volume. Moreover, the development of high-throughput testing methodologies3,4,5,6,7,8, has allowed to obtain significant databases in shorter timeframes for different substrates, application conditions and molecular structures3,9,10. This has called for the development of a data driven application, such as the one developed in this work, which will allow academic and industry researchers to swiftly select the most adequate condition specific corrosion inhibitor to be embedded directly into protective coating systems or through smart nanocontainers. We envision the CORDATA app to be the first step in the corrosion inhibitor selection process before going to the laboratory to perform further research and development activities. Although there are many accounts in literature focusing on corrosion inhibition efficiencies, to the best of our knowledge, this is the first web application dealing with data management for this particular issue. It allows to more efficiently compare many different data sources at the same time, thus making it easier to find appropriate solutions that were already tested experimentally, but that might be lost in the middle of a large volume of experimental data obtained in the past. Moreover, the dynamic nature of a data management web application, will allow it to grow in size and evolve in functionality throughout the years, adapting to the needs of the corrosion science community to better solve societal challenges through open data.
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