Enhanced Hydrogen Storage Properties of Li-RHC System with In-House Synthesized AlTi3 Nanoparticles


In recent years, the use of selected additives for improving the kinetic behavior of the system 2LiH + MgB2 (Li-RHC) has been investigated. As a result, it has been reported that some additives (e.g., 3TiCl3·AlCl3), by reacting with the Li-RHC components, form nanostructured phases (e.g., AlTi3) possessing peculiar microstructural properties capable of enhancing the system’s kinetic behavior. The effect of in-house-produced AlTi3 nanoparticles on the hydrogenation/dehydrogenation kinetics of the 2LiH + MgB2 (Li-RHC) system is explored in this work, with the aim of reaching high hydrogen storage performance. Experimental results show that the AlTi3 nanoparticles significantly improve the reaction rate of the Li-RHC system, mainly for the dehydrogenation process. The observed improvement is most likely due to the similar structural properties between AlTi3 and MgB2 phases which provide an energetically favored path for the nucleation of MgB2. In comparison with the pristine material, the Li-RHC doped with AlTi3 nanoparticles has about a nine times faster dehydrogenation rate. The results obtained from the kinetic modeling indicate a change in the Li-RHC hydrogenation reaction mechanism in the presence of AlTi3 nanoparticles.
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