Ship-of-Opportunity, FerryBox-integrated, membrane-based sensor pCO2, temperature and salinity measurements in the surface North Sea since 2013


The submitted datasets contain surface seawater partial pressure of carbon dioxide (pCO2) values measured with Kongsberg Contros/4H-Jena HydroC-FT membrane-based sensors. These sensors were integrated on the FerryBoxes installed on commercial vessels travelling in the North Sea and maintained by the Institute of Coastal Ocean Dynamics at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon, Germany. The pCO2 data were reprocessed from the raw data and corrected for sensor post-calibration where this was available. The instrument produces a result every second. 20-second averages are used for calculations and reported. Temperature and salinity results are also provided where available. These were measured from the underway with Falmouth Scientific Instruments / Teledyne Instruments sensors also integrated with the FerryBox. The sensors were regularly maintained and occasionally replaced. Each sensor replacement results in a new dataset within this publication series. The files are named using the ship name and date of the first measurement.
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