High-energy and durable aqueous magnesium batteries: Recent advances and perspectives


Aqueous Mg batteries are promising energy storage and conversion systems to cope with the increasing demand for green, renewable and sustainable energy. Realization of high energy density and long endurance system is significant for fully delivering the huge potential of aqueous Mg batteries, which has drawn increasing attention and investigations from researchers worldwide in the last years. Herein, a thorough insight into recent progress in aqueous Mg battery system is presented in terms of anode development and electrolyte tailoring. Accordingly, potential directions to move in the future for battery advances are proposed. Concomitantly, prospective application of computational methods assisted by machine learning for battery performance boosting is discussed. Moreover, a comprehensive understanding on self-discharge of Mg anodes in aqueous electrolytes is given based on recently published results. Overcoming this problem paves the way for achieving high-capacity anodes and consequently high-energy batteries.
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