Plasma electrolytic oxidation technology for producing protective coatings of aluminum alloys


Today, the technology of hardening the surface layers of parts and the creation of protective coatings on the surface with high physical, mechanical and chemical properties is particularly effective. The article reviews the most promising innovative technologies for surface hardening of aluminum alloys - plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO). Possible conditions and mechanisms for the formation of protective coatings on the surface of aluminum alloys are considered. The influence of the main parameters of PEO processing (electrical parameters, composition and concentration of electrolyte, the influence of alloying elements) on the structure and properties of oxide-ceramic coatings has been studied. The qualitative characteristics of the surface layer of samples and finished products made of aluminum alloys have shown the effectiveness of the PEO technology, which makes it possible to obtain ceramic coatings with high hardness, strength, increased wear and corrosion resistance. Possible areas of application of high-performance technologies for the deposition of protective PEO coatings on the surface of products made of aluminum alloys are proposed.
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