Exploring Ternary and Quaternary Mixtures in the LiBH4-NaBH4-KBH4-Mg(BH4)2-Ca(BH4)2 System


Binary combinations of borohydrides have been extensivly investigated evidencing the formation of eutectics, bimetallic compounds or solid solutions. In this paper, the investigation has been extended to ternary and quaternary systems in the LiBH4-NaBH4-KBH4-Mg(BH4)2-Ca(BH4)2 system. Possible interactions among borohydrides in equimolar composition has been explored by mechanochemical treatment. The obtained phases were analysed by X-ray diffraction and the thermal behaviour of the mixtures were analysed by HP-DSC and DTA, defining temperature of transitions and decomposition reactions. The release of hydrogen was detected by MS, showing the role of the presence of solid solutions and multi-cation compounds on the hydrogen desorption reactions. The presence of LiBH4 generally promotes the release of H2 at about 200 °C, while KCa(BH4)3 promotes the release in a single-step reaction at higher temperatures.
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