Hydrogen sorption kinetics, hydrogen permeability, and thermal properties of compacted 2LiBH4single bondMgH2 doped with activated carbon nanofibers


To improve the packing efficiency in tank scale, hydrides have been compacted into pellet form; however, poor hydrogen permeability through the pellets results in sluggish kinetics. In this work, the hydrogen sorption properties of compacted 2LiBH4single bondMgH2 doped with 30 wt % activated carbon nanofibers (ACNF) are investigated. After doping with ACNF, onset dehydrogenation temperature of compacted 2LiBH4single bondMgH2 decreases from 350 to 300 °C and hydrogen released content enhances from 55 to 87% of the theoretical capacity. The sample containing ACNF releases hydrogen following a two-step mechanism with reversible hydrogen storage capacities up to 4.5 wt % H2 and 41.8 gH2/L, whereas the sample without ACNF shows a single-step decomposition mainly from MgH2 with only 1.8 wt % H2 and 15.4 gH2/L. Significant kinetic improvement observed in the doped system is due to the enhancement of both hydrogen permeability and heat transfer through the pellet.
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