Coastal Ocean Forecasting Science supported by GODAE OceanView Coastal Oceans and Shelf Seas Task Team (COSS-TT) - Part II


The regional and coastal ocean, as a complex interface area where land, hydrology, atmosphere, and ocean interact, concentrates a wide range of actors dealing with increasing socioeconomic and environmental issues. Under the pressure of the impacts of climate change, forecasting the coastal ocean remains a key challenge. The International Coastal Ocean and Shelf Seas Task Team (COSS-TT) community within the OceanPredict program (; former GODAE OceanView) fosters multidisciplinary research efforts dedicated to the coastal ocean from the land/ocean interface to the shelf/open ocean exchange regions, in support of regional and coastal ocean forecasting. Following the first topical collection (De Mey et al. 2017), this second one offers research conducted within the COSS-TT themes.
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