Homogenization of the interfacial bonding of compound-cast AA7075/6060 bilayer billets by co-extrusion


A process chain of compound casting and co-extrusion of AA7075/6060 bilayer billets is introduced to manufacture hybrid components with strength in the core and good corrosion-resistance in the shell. Using optimized compound casting parameter, metallurgical bonding between the shell AA6060 and the core AA7075 can be achieved through remelting and recrystallization of the substrate AA7075. The locally unequal thermal conditions at the interface induces partially weak bonding. The bonding strength in greater distance from the casting gate is generally lower. Hot extrusion is applied to improve the interfacial bonding. Comparisons of the microstructure and the shear strength between as-cast billet and extrudate present the homogenization of the interfacial bonding through the process chain.
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