In Situ Tensile Texture Analysis of a New Mg-RE Alloy


A new Mg-RE (rare earth) alloy was previously developed by micro-alloying method (RE< 0.4 wt.%), which achieves a high ductility and good corrosion resistance. In-situ tensile test via neutron and synchrotron diffraction were performed to investigate first the deformation behaviour; and second the texture evolution which can be related to the deformation mechanism, and finally to understand why the as-cast Mg-RE alloys show such a high tensile ductility.Preliminary results showed that a dominated basal fibre texture was gradually developed with the increase of tensile strain. However, before the sample was broken a (10.0) fibre texture showed a similar intensity to that in (00.2), which means more activations of the non-basal slip planes during tensile deformation. This could also contribute to a relatively high elongation of this new Mg-RE alloy at room temperature. Further discussion will be showed together with the microstructures.
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