Operational oceanography of the North Sea/Skagerrak and Norwegian Sea by Ferrbox systems: from one line to a coordinated network of Ferryboxes


The FerryBox project, supported by the EC has documented that Ferryboxes are mature systems for monitoring of water quality in coastal areas. A network of Ferryboxes has been established within the North Sea/Skagerrak and Norwegian Sea. Four ferries are at the moment in operation in these areas and new lines are planned. The network and results from observations will be presented. The results are available in real time for the core sensors temperature, salinity, particles and algal biomass measured as Chlorophyll-a fluorescence. The systems are also equipped with a water sampling system can be triggered remotely. This makes the system very operational for e.g. monitoring of harmful algal blooms. New sensors and measurements of e.g. nutrients are considered based on the experience from the FerryBox project. In addition advanced measurement of water leaving reflectance is measured and is used for real time validation of optical satellite data. The Ferrybox results are compared with remote sensing data, in order to have a better knowledge of the spatial development and combined with numerical models to improve significance. The data from the Ferrybox sensors and satellite data are presented in a common portal to have easy access to all data and additional information.
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