Surface drifter data from Meteor cruise M160


Surface current drifters were deployed east of Brava island (Cape Verde archipelago, Atlantic ocean) from the RV Meteor during the cruise M160, which took place between 22. November and 20. December 2019. The drifters were deployed in 3 clusters with 3 drifters per cluster. The utilized drifters are the MD03i from Albatros Marine Technologies, Spain. They have a cylinder shape with a 10 cm diameter and 32 cm length. About 8 cm protrude from the water surface and a drogue of both 50 cm length and diameter is attached to each drifter 50 cm below the sea surface so that difter represent currents in the upper 1 m surface layer. The drifter obtains the GPS position and transmits it via the satellite communication system Iridium to the vessel. The overall ratio of drag area inside to drag area outside the water is 33.2.
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