Polymerizations by RAFT: Developments of the Technique and Its Application in the Synthesis of Tailored (Co)polymers


Reversible addition–fragmentation chain transfer (RAFT) polymerization is an increasingly popular method of controlled radical polymerization and remarkable advances is made in recent years. This polymerization technique offers great chances for more sustainable routes to obtain tailor‐made polymers with high precision. This article may be of interest not only for readers familiar with the technique, but also to newcomers to the field or colleagues, who are looking for more sustainable or safer polymerization techniques to obtain an extensive number of possible polymer structures. After an introduction to RAFT polymerization, different novel paths to carry out RAFT polymerization are discussed in terms of their potential and also advancements in the polymerization technology such as polymerization induced self‐assembly or carrying out the polymerization in continuous flow reactors are highlighted. At the end some upcoming application areas of polymers prepared by RAFT are presented.
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