Open Porous α + β Titanium Alloy by Liquid Metal Dealloying for Biomedical Applications


Open porous dendrite-reinforced TiMo alloy was synthesized by liquid metal dealloying of the precursor Ti47.5Mo2.5Cu50 (at.%) alloy in liquid magnesium (Mg). The porous TiMo alloy consists of α-titanium and β-titanium phases and possesses a complex microstructure. The microstructure consists of micrometer scale β-titanium dendrites surrounded by submicrometer scale α-titanium ligaments. Due to the dendrite-reinforced microstructure, the porous TiMo alloy possesses relatively high yield strength value of up to 180 MPa combined with high deformability probed under compression loading. At the same time, the elastic modulus of the porous TiMo alloy (below 10 GPa) is in the range of that found for human bone. This mechanical behavior along with the open porous structure is attractive for biomedical applications and suggests opportunities for using the porous TiMo alloy in implant applications.
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