Dirichlet absorbing boundary conditions for classical and peridynamic diffusion-type models


Diffusion-type problems in (nearly) unbounded domains play important roles in various fields of fluid dynamics, biology, and materials science. The aim of this paper is to construct accurate absorbing boundary conditions (ABCs) suitable for classical (local) as well as nonlocal peridynamic (PD) diffusion models. The main focus of the present study is on the PD diffusion formulation. The majority of the PD diffusion models proposed so far are applied to bounded domains only. In this study, we propose an effective way to handle unbounded domains both with PD and classical diffusion models. For the former, we employ a meshfree discretization, whereas for the latter the finite element method (FEM) is employed. The proposed ABCs are time-dependent and Dirichlet-type, making the approach easy to implement in the available models. The performance of the approach, in terms of accuracy and stability, is illustrated by numerical examples in 1D, 2D, and 3D.
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