Well-defined Telechelic Oliogodepsipeptides as Precursor Materials for Nanoparticulate Gene Carrier Systems


Well-defined telechelic oligodepsipeptide oDPs are the prerequisite to create the ABA triblockcopolymers by sequential copolymer synthesis. The most commonly used catalyst for the polymerization of MDs as well as their copolymerization with other cyclic monomers i.e. dilactides and ε-caprolactone is tin(II)-2- ethylhexanoate (Sn(Oct)2). An alternative choice as catalyst for the ROP of lactone based monomers is 1,1,6,6-tetra-n-butyl-1,6-distanna- 2,5,7,10-tetraoxacyclodecane (Sn(IV) alkoxide), as demonstrated for the ROP of L-dilactide, 1,5- dioxepan-2-one or ɛ-caprolactone. We hypothesized that Sn(IV) alkoxide catalyzed ROP allows a more precise control of the ROP reaction and result in well-defined telechelic oDPs.
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