Earth observation and coastal climate services for small islands


The workshop on Earth Observation and Coastal Climate Services for Small Islands, held in Guadeloupe in November 2019, brought together 35 participants constituting stakeholders predominantly from the Caribbean with representation from the Pacific and Indian Ocean region, as well as providers of climate and earth observation services. The workshop was jointly organized by the Climate Service Center Germany – Helmholtz Zentrum Geesthacht and the University of the French Antilles in Guadeloupe. The aims of the workshop were to: (1) recognize the common challenges and data needs of small islands in relation to risk reduction and climate change adaptation; (2) identify development needs for additional data services; and (3) identify useful methods for the dissemination of such services. The workshop format combined participatory methods, individual presentations, plenary discussions and group work. The presentations highlighted regionally (for the Caribbean) and globally available data sources as well as location specific case studies.
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