Systematic analysis of EU-based climate service providers


Tools, products, data and services related to climate change may significantly contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation. In order to develop a market for climate services, information on the current landscape of climate service providers and their portfolios is needed. In this paper we present a systematic analysis of the supply side of the climate service market, which is based on survey results and an extensive desk research resulting in a collection of information about 371 public and private climate service providers in the EU Member States. Our analyses show that even though the number of identified private sector providers considerably increased compared to previous mappings, the market is still dominated by public climate service providers. Based on the definition of climate services applied here, our data show an unequal distribution of climate service providers in the EU Member States with a significant gap between Eastern Member States and the rest of the European Union. In general, the supply side is dominated by downstream activities such as advisory services or publications compared to upstream services such data collection. For both public and private providers, the primarily targeted sectors are water, energy, agriculture and urban/spatial planning. While decision makers and politicians are important target groups for both provider categories, the general public and researchers are mainly addressed by public providers whereas corporations/industries are primarily served by private providers.
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