Powder metal injection moulding and heat treatment of AZ81 Mg alloy


Ongoing research has proven that Mg alloys can be introduced into the metal injection moulding process for the production of small parts in high quantities and of complex shape for medical as well as lightweight applications. Previously, development studies have been conducted using Mg and Mg-Ca alloys intended for medical application. However, progress towards the implementation of a process for technical and lightweight applications alloys with higher strength is needed. Therefore, in this study processing of conventional AZ81 alloy by MIM was successfully developed. Using this alloy, a yield strength of approximately 120 MPa and an ultimate tensile strength of approximately 255 MPa with elongation at fracture of approximately 7% was achieved. T4 heat treatment at 420 °C for 10 h does not reveal a positive influence on the mechanical properties this could be caused by an observed grain growth effect. This is in contrast to conventional material for example as cast, where T4 heat treatment is known to improve the mechanical properties especially elongation at fracture.
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