Reactive Hydride Composite of Mg2NiH4 with Borohydrides Eutectic Mixtures


The development of materials showing hydrogen sorption reactions close to room temperature and ambient pressure will promote the use of hydrogen as energy carrier for mobile and stationary large-scale applications. In the present study, in order to reduce the thermodynamic stability of MgH2, Ni has been added to form Mg2NiH4, which has been mixed with various borohydrides to further tune hydrogen release reactions. De-hydrogenation/re-hydrogenation properties of Mg2NiH4-LiBH4-M(BH4)x (M = Na, K, Mg, Ca) systems have been investigated. Mixtures of borohydrides have been selected to form eutectics, which provide a liquid phase at low temperatures, from 110 °C up to 216 °C. The presence of a liquid borohydride phase decreases the temperature of hydrogen release of Mg2NiH4 but only slight differences have been detected by changing the borohydrides in the eutectic mixture.
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