The Effect of Surface Treatments on the Degradation of Biomedical Mg Alloys - A Review Paper


This report reviews the effects of chemical, physical, and mechanical surface treatments on the degradation behavior of Mg alloys via their influence on the roughness and surface morphology. Many studies have been focused on technically-used AZ alloys and a few investigations regarding the surface treatment of biodegradable and Al-free Mg alloys, especially under physiological conditions. These treatments tailor the surface roughness, homogenize the morphology, and decrease the degradation rate of the alloys. Conversely, there have also been reports which showed that rough surfaces lead to less pitting and good cell adherence. Besides roughness, there are many other parameters which are much more important than roughness when regarding the degradation behavior of an alloy. These studies, which indicate the relationship between surface treatments, roughness and degradation, require further elaboration, particularly for biomedical Mg alloy applications.
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