Polymeric and Low-Molecular Stabilizers for Au Nanoparticles in a Diblock Copolymer Matrix


An effect of several polymeric stabilizers on the composites based on a diblock copolymer of styrene and 2-vinyl pyridine and spherical Au nanoparticles has been studied. Among the tested substances were thiol-terminated polystyrene, thiol-terminated poly(2-vinyl pyridine), diblock copolymers of styrene with 2- and 4-vinyl pyridine, and decanethiol as a typical low molecular mass stabilizer. Thin composite films with a microphase-separated cylindrical morphology have been prepared and characterized by atomic force and scanning electron microscopy to describe the surface morphology and nanoparticle distribution in the block copolymer matrix. In all the cases, the nanoparticles were selectively positioned either within vinyl pyridine domains or at the domain boundaries. The most effective stabilization of Au nanoparticles, both regarding their location and prevention of aggregation, was provided by the diblock copolymers.
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