Comparison of Microstructure and Texture Evolution of MX20, Conventionally Rolled and Rolled from Twin Roll Cast Strip


Different production processes like casting and twin roll casting of Mg-based alloys have a significant influence on the microstructure and texture of the resulting feedstock material for the subsequent rolling process. This leads to improved mechanical properties in the final sheets produced by twin roll casting. In this paper the processing of an Mg-based alloy MX20 (2 wt% Mn and 0.5 wt% Ca) is demonstrated in a modified gravity casting process as well as in the twin roll casting process. The paper will show the different microstructures of the cast and twin roll cast feedstock material. Rolling trials are conducted and the mechanical properties of the sheets are presented and discussed with respect to arising microstructures and textures. The results demonstrate that the different morphology of precipitates in the cast and the twin roll cast feedstock material is used to improve the mechanical properties of the twin roll cast sheets.
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