Visualization of Implant Failure by Synchrotron Tomography


Magnesium (Mg) and its alloys degrade under physiological conditions. But how strong is the connection between the implant, the corrosion layer and the surrounding tissue, namely bone? Biomechanical tests like push-out tests have shown that a degraded Mg-pin is surprisingly well integrated with the bone “as reported by Castellani et al. (Acta Biomater 7(1):432–440, 2011) [1]”. High-resolution synchrotron tomography offers a deep look into the microstructure of the material as well as of the bone during deformation until fracture happens. Here we present first data from an in situ tomography experiment of a biodegradable Mg-based implant under compressive load showing how Mg implants are incorporated into bone.
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