Editorial: The microcirculation in hypoxia: The center of the battlefield for oxygen


In the past years the microcirculation has gained increasing attention not only by basic scientists, but also by clinicians and translational researchers. In the clinical scenario, it has been convincingly described that the microcirculation is a key predictor of outcome and of central pathophysiological relevance.Avast body of evidence demonstrates the central role of the smallest vessels in inflammation, hyperviscosity, cell-cell-interaction, endothelial function, tissue edema, hemodynamic and blood flow regulation and its important role in the interaction with soluble factors. A central feature of different diseases and a strong regulator of different changes is hypoxia, the lack of oxygen. Also the microcirculation is on one hand a central component responding with dynamic changes to hypoxia but also the central place where hypoxia mediates its unfavorable effects. These changes and associated interactions are the topic of this special thematic issue “Hypoxia” in Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation and it seems logical that important and relevant findings are presented.
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