Multitargeting Gene Delivery Systems for Enhancing the Transfection of Endothelial Cells


Gene therapy demonstrates promising prospects on cardiovascular diseases. However, nonviral gene delivery system has relatively low transfection efficiency, especially for endothelial cells (ECs). Herein, typical cell-penetrating peptide (TAT), nuclear localization signals (NLSs), and REDV functional peptide have been used to prepare multitargeting complexes. These complexes exhibit higher transfection efficiency owing to the targeting sequences of REDV and NLSs as well as the cell-penetrating function of TAT. The multifunction of the complexes provides high cell uptake, endo/lysosomal escape, and nucleus accumulation of the encapsulated DNA. Thus these multitargeting complexes can provide a potential platform for gene delivery, especially for EC transfection.
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