Fiber laser welding of dissimilar titanium (Ti-6Al-4V/cp-Ti) T-joints and their laser forming process for aircraft application


The weldability of dissimilar T-joints between commercially pure titanium (cp-Ti) Grade 2 skin and Ti-6Al-4V Grade 5 stringer using a continuous wave 8 kW ytterbium fiber laser as well as the possibility of subsequent laser straightening process of these joints were investigated. Based on the industrial standards ISO 4578:2011 and AWS D17.1:200, process development to compensate inherent angular distortion after welding by laser heating with the same equipment as for welding was carried out. The obtained results were effectively transferred to a 6-stringer-demonstrator with a length up to 500 mm. To investigate the shape and morphology of the welding seam as well as to verify its freedom from defects using the defined process parameters, metallographic transverse cross-sections and X-ray analyses were realized. In addition, the behavior of the welding seam geometry and the bending behavior of the specimens for varied process parameters were elucidated. For the welding process special attention to the shielding conditions and to the local and angular laser beam positioning was payed. To straighten the welded joints, laser straightening parameters inducing no microstructural changes were identified.
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