Mechanically activated metathesis reaction in NaNH2–MgH2 powder mixtures


The present work addresses the kinetics of chemical transformations activated by the mechanical processing of powder by ball milling. In particular, attention focuses on the reaction between NaNH2 and MgH2, specific case studies suitably chosen to throw light on the kinetic features emerging in connection with the exchange of anionic ligands induced by mechanical activation. Experimental findings indicate that the mechanical treatment of NaNH2–MgH2 powder mixtures induces a simple metathetic reaction with formation of NaH and Mg(NH2)2 phases. Chemical conversion data obtained by X-ray diffraction analysis have been interpreted using a kinetic model incorporating the statistical character of the mechanical processing by ball milling. The apparent rate constant measuring the reaction rate is related to the volume of powder effectively processed during individual collisions, and tentatively connected with the transfer of mechanical energy across the network formed by the points of contact between the powder particles trapped during collisions.
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