Initial stages of localized corrosion at cut-edges of adhesively bonded Zn and Zn-Al-Mg galvanized steel


The mechanisms of the initial stages of localized corrosion at cut edges were investigated for adhesively bonded Zn (Z) and Zn-Al-Mg (ZM) galvanized steel. The results provided strong evidence for the localized nature of corrosion of galvanized coatings at the cut edges and at the adhesive/zinc interface. In both cases a defined localized corrosion attack on zinc in Z sample was observed. On the contrary, in the case of the ZM specimen both zinc solid solution and eutectics exhibited local corrosion. The local attack at the adhesive/Z(ZM) interface was correlated with an anodic undermining process. It develops near the cut-edge surface and at the buried deep adhesive-zinc interface and results in adhesive disbonding in the buried interface. The electrochemical studies revealed that the corrosion kinetics at the metal cut-edges decreases during immersion, which could be due to formation of corrosion products on both steel and zinc surfaces.
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