Deformation Microstructures and Textures of Cast Mg-3Sn-2Ca Alloy under Uniaxial Hot Compression


The influence of deformation conditions on the microstructure and texture evolution during hot compression of Mg-3Sn-2Ca (TX32) has been studied. Cylindrical samples were compressed uniaxially at different combinations of temperatures and strain rates in the ranges 300-500 oC and 0.0003-10 s-1. The crystallographic orientation information of the as-cast and deformed specimens was obtained by EBSD micro-texture analysis. Activation of different slip systems was investigated using Schmid factor analysis and the results reinforce the importance of non-basal slip for deformation at high temperatures. Samples deformed at 500 oC/0.1 s-1 resulted in a fully recrystallized microstructure with near random crystallographic texture.
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