High-resolution wind hindcast over the Bohai Sea and the Yellow Sea in East Asia: Evaluation and wind climatology analysis


A 34 year (1979–2012) high-resolution (7 km grid) atmospheric hindcast over the Bohai Sea and the Yellow Sea (BYS) has been performed using COSMO-CLM (CCLM) forced by ERA-Interim reanalysis data (ERA-I). The accuracy of CCLM in surface wind reproduction and the added value of dynamical downscaling to ERA-I have been investigated through comparisons with the QuikSCAT Level2B 12.5 km version 3 (L2B12v3) swath data and in situ observations. The results revealed that CCLM has a reliable ability to reproduce the regional wind characteristics over the BYS. Added value to ERA-I has been detected in the coastal areas with complex orography. CCLM wind quality had strong seasonal variability, with better performance in the summer relative to ERA-I, even in the offshore areas. CCLM was better able to represent light and moderate winds but had even more added value for strong winds relative to ERA-I. The spatial digital filter method was used to investigate the scale of the added value, and the results show that CCLM adds value to ERA-I mainly in medium scales of wind variability. Furthermore, wind climatology was investigated, and significant increasing trends in the south Yellow Sea especially in winter and spring were found for seasonal mean wind speeds.
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