Enhanced mechanical behavior and reduced mechanical anisotropy of AZ31 Mg alloy sheet processed by ECAP


AZ31 Mg alloy sheets were processed by equal channel angular pressing (ECAP) at 225 °C with a channel angle of 110° regarding a strain path change. In consideration of mechanical anisotropy of Mg sheets, the sheet was processed by ECAP along the rolling direction in the first pass. Subsequently, it was processed along the transverse direction by 90° rotation in the sheet plane. This shear deformation led to grain refinement and developed basal texture with tilted basal planes towards the pressing direction. The presented processing route, which is denoted as route D, reduced mechanical anisotropy and enhanced hardening behavior. Consequently, AZ31 sheet, which was processed by ECAP on route D, exhibited an almost isotropic hardening at room temperature with improved ductility.
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