Challenges For Implementation Of Magnesium Into More Applications


As a result of the demands made on the transportation and the communication industries to introduce lighter materials, it is necessary to completely utilize the potentials of many different light structural materials. The different classes of light metal materials have to compete with each other as well as with polymers and steels. 200 years after its discovery magnesium is still one of the most promising materials for light weight constructions. Especially in the automotive industries the reduction of the weight of vehicles is a must. Car manufacturers have to decrease CO2 emissions in accordance to the legislation, especially that of the EU. Additionally, with the increasing fuel prices consumers expect a decrease in fuel consumption either by a decrease of vehicle weight or by increasing the engine efficiency. Mg alloys can contribute to both, especially in reduction in vehicle weight. Moreover Mg alloys can be fully recycled, which fulfils the requirements from the EU directive for the end of life of vehicles and also helps to lower the CO2 emissions associated with the processing of Mg.
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