Twin-roll Casting after Intensive Melt Shearing and Subsequent Rolling of an AM30 Magnesium Alloy with Addition of CaO and SiC


Intensive melt shearing is a process that can be used for mixing ceramic particles into magnesium melt. It applies shear stress to the melt and can de-agglomerate nanoparticle additions to magnesium melts without the use of electromagnetic fields or ultrasound. A wrought magnesium alloy AM30 was selected for processing with intensive melt shearing and subsequent twin-roll casting. AM30 with additions of CaO and SiC were also processed by this route and the hardness and microstructure were investigated. Sheets were rolled and their tensile strength was determined. The work was done as part of the European Union research project ExoMet. Its target includes the production of high-performance magnesium-based materials by exploring novel grain refinement and nanoparticle addition in conjunction with melt treatment by means of external fields.
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