Prediction of Crashworthiness for extruded Magnesium Materials


To assess the crashworthiness of simple wrought magnesium structures, the axial deformation behaviour of different square tubes produced from magnesium alloys AZ31 and ZE10 were numerically investigated under quasi-static compressive loading conditions. Finite-element simulations were conducted to predict and assess the plastic buckling and crush behaviour. The necessary data to determine parameters for the plastic potential were taken from compression tests conducted along different orientations. The yield function Hill48 was selected, despite its inability to capture the strength differential effect. The modelling approach pursued is justified by considering the mechanical loading conditions, the fabrication process of the profiles and its implication on strain anisotropy, balancing achievable accuracy and computational efforts. The simulation results revealed that the material work hardening rates evidenced in uniaxial compression tests influenced the buckling modes as well as the energy dissipation.
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