Correlation of microstructure and creep behaviour of MRI230D Mg alloy developed by two different casting technologies


The relationship between the as-cast microstructure and creep behaviour of the heat-resistant MRI230D Mg alloy produced by two different casting technologies is investigated. The alloy in both ingot-casting (IC) and high pressure die-casting (HPDC) conditions consists of α-Mg, C36 ((Mg,Al)2Ca), Al–Mn and Sn–Mg–Ca rich phases. However, the HPDC alloy resulted in relatively finer grain size and higher volume fraction of finer, denser network of eutectic C36 phase in the as-cast microstructure as compared to that of the IC alloy. The superior creep resistance exhibited by the HPDC alloy at all the stress levels and temperatures employed in the present investigation was attributed to the more effective dispersion strengthening effect caused by the presence of finer and denser network of the C36 phase. The increased amount of the eutectic C36 phase was the only change observed in the microstructures of both alloys following creep tests.
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