Microstructure-based characterization of the corrosion behavior of the creep resistant Mg–Al–Ba–Ca alloy DieMag422


The corrosion behavior as well as the microstructure in initial state and after corrosive deterioration were investigated for the newly developed Mg–Al–Ba–Ca alloy DieMag422. In order to investigate the corrosion behavior, potentiodynamic polarization measurements and immersion tests were performed in different NaCl concentrations. The microstructure was observed using light microscopy and combined SEM and EDX studies of the specimens before and after corrosive deterioration. Potentiodynamic polarization measurements and immersion tests showed that DieMag422 has a strong susceptibility to corrosion in NaCl solutions. Light microscope and SEM studies revealed that the difference in the corrosion behavior can be attributed to the different occurrence of the anodic α-Mg phase and the cathodic Ca-rich phase.
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