Biomimetic Transferable Surface for a Real Time Control over Wettability and Photoerasable Writing with Water Drop Lens


We demonstrate a transferable device that can turn wettability of surfaces to sticky or slippy, as per requirement. It is composed of polymeric yarn with a fibrous structure, which can be lifted and placed on any surface to render it the unique wettability properties. We introduce Polyvinylidenefluoride (PVDF) random fiber as biomimetic rose petal surface. When it is decorated with PVDF nanofibers yarns, the random mesh transform from rose petal sticky state into grass leaf slippy state. When it is placed on sticky, hydrophilic metal coin, it converts the surface of the coin to super hydrophobic. Adjustments in the yarn system, like interyarn spacing, can be done in real time to influence its wettability, which is a unique feature. Next, we load the polymer with a photochromic compound for chemical restructuring. It affects the sliding angle of water drop and makes the fibers optically active. We also demonstrate a “water droplets lens” concept that enables erasable writing on photochromic rose petal sticky fibrous surface. The droplet on a highly hydrophobic surface acts as a ball lens to concentrate light onto a hot spot; thereby we demonstrate UV light writing with water lenses and visible light erasing.
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