Silver particles growth by pulse electrolysis in acetonitrile solutions


The morphology of silver particles deposited on ITO-glass surface by pulse electrolysis in acetonitrile solutions of AgNO3 has been analyzed. The influences of potential value (E) as well pulse duration (τon) and pause (τoff) on the size and geometry of the particles has been discussed. It has been shown that in the range of 0.0 ≤ E ≤ −1.5 V at τon = 6 ms and 90 ≤ τoff ≤ 490 ms formation of silver particles (∼20–50 nm) and their agglomeration (∼0.2–2 µm) take place. The tendency to increase size of the particles in 3D has been observed with the increase of cathode potential. Decreasing of duty cycle leads to more discrete deposited particles.
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