A novel poly(xylitol-co-dodecanedioate)/hydroxyapatite composite with shape-memory behaviour


A novel shape-memory polymer, poly(xylitol-co-dodecanedioate) (PXDD) was developed and the effect of hydroxyapatite (HA) in PXDD/HA composites on the chemical interactions, shape-memory and crystallization behaviours was studied. FTIR confirmed the formation of PXDD and also showed that the chemical structure did not change with the addition of HA. DSC and XRD revealed that the degree of crystallinity (Xc) of PXDD/HA composites improved in parallel to increasing HA content. The permanent shape is recovered with a precision of almost 100% as soon as the recovery temperature (Trec=48 °C) is reached. The findings of the study showed that PXDD/HA composites have great potential as shape-memory implant in minimal invasive surgeries.
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