Mechanical Testing of Thin Sheet Magnesium Alloys in Biaxial Tension and Uniaxial Compression


Tension and compression experiments on magnesium rolled sheets and extruded products of AZ31 (Mg + 3%Al + 1%Zn) and ZE10 (Mg + 1%Zn + 0.3%Ce based misc metal) were performed at room temperature. The tests were conducted along the longitudinal and the transverse direction to quantify the in-plane anisotropy. Samples built from adhesively-bonded layers of sheets were used for in-plane as well as through-thickness compression testing. It was verified that this simple testing method leads to identical results as using comb-like dies and equi-biaxial bulge testing, respectively. In the case of uniaxial loading, the longitudinal and transverse strain components were measured using independent extensometers. R-values were calculated from these signals. The mechanical responses were correlated to the microstructure and the texture. The recorded differences between tensile and compressive response reveal the strength differential effect of the materials. The distortional character of the plastic behaviour is evidenced through their responses to equi-biaxial tensile loading. Significant differences in the compressive responses of the two alloys were identified by comparing the respective hardening rates.
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