The Influence of Magnesium Acetate on the Structure Formation of Polystyrene-block-poly(4-vinylpyridine)-Based Integral-Asymmetric Membranes


The influence of magnesium acetate on the non-solvent-induced phase separation (NIPS) process of amphiphilic polystyrene-block-poly(4-vinylpyridine)s to gain integral-asymmetric membranes is investigated. Highly uniform pores over the large areas of the membrane can be achieved, and the average pore diameter is adjusted by varying the total molar mass of the block copolymers used. These stimuli-responsive membranes, which are solution cast in the absence or the presence of small amounts of magnesium acetate, are directly compared, showing a remarkable effect on the pore structures and their openness. Minor salt addition is considered to influence the polarity of the solvents used in a positive manner such that the NIPS process can be improved significantly.
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