Compression-creep response of magnesium alloy DieMag422 containing barium compared with the commercial creep-resistant alloys AE42 and MRI230D


The development of creep-resistant magnesium alloys that avoid the use of rare-earth alloying elements is an important area of research. The creep response of Mg–Al–Ca alloy containing barium (DieMag422) was compared to that of commercially available creep resistant magnesium alloys AE42 and MRI230D. The creep tests were performed between 175 °C and 240 °C at stresses between 60 MPa and 120 MPa. From the temperature and stress dependence of the minimum creep rate, the apparent activation energy Qc and the stress exponent n for creep were calculated. The concept of a threshold stress was applied. True stress exponents nt close to 5 were calculated. Microstructural investigations and phase analysis were performed on the as-cast materials as well as after creep. Fine precipitates could be identified that justified application of the concept of threshold stress. The DieMag422 alloy shows an improvement in creep resistance at low stresses compared with the other two alloys AE42 and MRI230D.
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