Acoustic emission study of Mg-Mn extruded alloys with perspective mechanical properties


This paper focuses on the analysis of the deformation behaviour with respect to the acoustic emission response and mechanical properties of differently extruded magnesium Mg-Mn alloys. Six types of Mg-Mn alloys (with Al, Ca, Ce, Y, Nd additions) were processed by indirect extrusion with two different speeds. Alloys with addition of Ca, Al and Nd were selected and presented in this manuscript due to their prospective mechanical properties. Additions of Ca and Al had significant influence on the microstructure refinement and texture of the Mg-Mn alloy, whereas addition of Nd led to the absence of the tension-compression asymmetry. Measurements of the acoustic emission were done during the uniaxial tension and compression tests. The results are discussed with respect to the influence of alloying elements on the deformation behaviour in terms of the activation of dislocation glide and twinning.
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